Changes to the Spousal/Common law Sponsorship program – January 31, 2017

Starting January 31, 2017, the Immigration Department has initiated changes to make spousal sponsorships more expeditious, faster and streamlined. As Operational Bulletin 633 indicates the objective is to “ facilitate faster processing and improve the client experience”. In general, the summary of changes to the application process include: 1. Simplified and streamlined guides, kits and[…]

Reducing weight times

Infographic: How IRCC is reducing processing times for Spousal Sponsorship

December 2015 2 application kits, separate for in-Canada and overseas 180 pages of guides different for overseas and in-Canada, and for sponsors and applicants 14 guides and checklists 3 separate relationship questionnaires and 1 sponsorship evaluation form Upfront medical exams and police certificates Processing times: up to 26 months (for 80% of cases) New improved[…]

Spousal Interview Questions – Inside Canada Application

Clients who file inside Canada spousal applications will receive a letter from Immigration just prior to the foreign national spouse being granted permanent status. At this interview, the foreign national spouse is given the confirmation of permanent residence. Immigration asks the foreign national and the sponsoring spouse to come for a scheduled permanent residence interview[…]