Spousal Interview Questions – Inside Canada Application

Clients who file inside Canada spousal applications will receive a letter from Immigration just prior to the foreign national spouse being granted permanent status. At this interview, the foreign national spouse is given the confirmation of permanent residence. Immigration asks the foreign national and the sponsoring spouse to come for a scheduled permanent residence interview[…]

Spousal Sponsorship – Checklists

When clients ask about the specific documents they will need for spousal or common-law applications, I usually refer them to the document checklists available at the IRCC websites specific to such applications. Although the checklists are detailed enough, they are general in nature to apply to most situations. The specific documents needed for each individual[…]

Is a Spousal Interview Routine in Canada?

Spousal interviews are not mandatory. In all of the applications I have filed, virtually all are approved without an interview. The essential question for the immigration officer is whether the common law relationship or marriage is bona fide. As I indicate to all my clients, they must look at their supporting documents and applications from[…]

Is a Spousal Interview routine for Immigration?

One of the frequent questions that I am asked is whether an interview is necessary for all sponsorship applications involving immigration applications concerning marriages or common law relationships. The answer is – no. Generally interviews are not conducted on spousal sponsorship interviews so long as enough documentation is provided that shows a real and on-going[…]

Spousal Sponsorship Interview Questions

Although officers are told generally to waive interviews wherever possible, occasionally applicants and their spouses will be asked to attend an interview where a marriage of convenience is suspected or facts appear inconsistent in the presentation of the application or if there has been a third party report on the credibility of the relationship. If[…]